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The ancient sagacious pundits, astrologer in bangalore came with the idea of graphical representation related to the planets of an individual at the time of his/her birth and it is called the Janam Kundli of that person. It is primarily based on the birth details of that individual and with the kundli; a person’s astrological information can be recognized. Kundli Represented Imperative Aspects. It is said by the pundits that in the kundli, there are some other imperative aspects, such as- lagna or the ascendant of a person, Rasi or the zodiac sign as well as current position or the movement of the planets in his/her horoscope that have an impact on the life. These components principally influence the life an individual all the way through his or her infant, teenage, adult and old age stages.

According to Hindu Janam Kundli,thereareseven planets that can be positioned at different places along with two of the shadowy planets. In the kundli of a person, according to the Vedic astrology, the nine astrological planets can be present there and for that reason, many other Bhavas remain vacant. The way with which the planets represent one’s kundli by placed there mutually, the overall way of life of that particular person gets defined according to it. A Kundali is a person’s Natal chart or Birth chart while Kundali Milan is an abstract analysis of the positions that all the planets in the zodiac sign portray based on the particular time, place and date of birth. In simple words, a person’s kundali is based on the planetary positions according to his/her birth date, birth time and birth place. It is carried out in a form of the table while the format may vary from country to country or culture to culture. In Indian traditions or more importantly, we can say among the Hindu religion, marriage is defined as the purest relationship among all. Thus, everybody wants to get marriage by following to the right track for driving a wonderful journey of it. And it also eventually draws out a nurturing and auspicious marriage relationship. Thus, confer with an astrologer for making sure the same is an essential part and so do the kundli Milan. The matching of kundali is taken to be highly precise and consistent towards its end results because it is in agreement with the Vedic astrology principles.

Four Effective Reasons Why Kundali Milan Is Done Before Marriage:

1. Checking Out The Marriage Compatibility:In Hinduism, marriage is granted to be a sacred union of a boy and a girl that is not only for this life but also for the coming next 7 successive lives. The kundali matching is, in fact, a way to predict what will be the futuristic impacts of destiny, fate and luck that influence the couples. It can either bring prosperity or can give you a bad relationship. So, checking out the marriage compatibility is necessary where kundli Milan appears to be a real-time fixer. 2. For Figuring Out Relationship Proportion:According to principles of astrology, people have eight major parameters. Each of them has certain numeric points which are added to give a total number of 36. When kundli of a boy and girl is granted for matching, these numbers should collectively produce an eighteen points without which that marriage can’t be fruitful. 3. To Predict Physical And Mental Compatibility:Matching of Kundali also produces futuristic physical and mental compatibility to ensure a prosperous and happy marriage life. 4. To Predict Family Adjustment And Financial Conditions:Yes, matching of kundali also foretells about the financial stability of the couples those are going to bind in a marriage chain and also helps you to analyze what family adjustment you have to make.

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