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In the current era of technology & inventions, when emotions are drying and our life is restricted only up to our target dates, busy schedule and project… We have very limited time for our partners. When you are staying in a metropolitan city as a nuclear family, either you are the only person who brings the bread & butter or you both are working; in both cases, less time to the partner and neglecting duties towards home; gives birth to cracks in the relation which converts into strong arguments and ultimately results into Divorce.

Not only in metropolitan cities, consider the case of a small city where a couple lives in a joint family. Here, person is constantly bombarded first by his mother against his wife and then by his wife against his parents. This all results into either depression or divorce.

Lack of tolerance and office tensions give rise to arguments and when the arguments grow louder then love relations start shattering and come to Divorce.

Divorce… Is it the last solution? Can there be a better solution other than Divorce? YES. You need an expert like Astrologer Shandeleji who is Gold Medallist

because when conflicts come in a relation, then Life becomes horrible for both. At this time, we need to take expert advice who can guide, who can support and will help in taking wise step at that time.

If we talk about basics of KrishanMurti Paddhati (KP), House Number 2, 7 & 11 are for marriage while 6,8,10 & 12 are for divorce.

Though 2nd House is for Family Members, 8th House is for Sex as well as Quarrel, 12th House is for Comfort in bed. 7th House is for Legal Bonding & 11th House is for Life Long relationship or we can say eternal Love. These houses are never considered solely but with a combination like 2, 7 & 11 or it can be 6, 8, 10, and 12. In the former combination, the girl will keep fine chemistry with family members, their relation will be approved by court and they will live happily lifelong. While in the later combination, issues will be because of family members, always quarrel and discomfort in bedroom. Hence, in later case, great chance of Divorce.

Various permutations & combinations are applied before predicting anything and these can’t be learnt from books. These come with great concentration & with lots of experience. If there are disputes in husband-wife and situation is heading towards Divorce or in the process of match making and to predict about the couple’s future life, we strongly recommend to contact Mr N.K. Shandileye @ 9910195126. He is vastly experienced, Gold Medalist Astrologer who will provide a solution which will be beneficial during match-making or if a couple is looking for divorce then, consult once with Mr NK Shandileye. Also, you may visit to our site

If you want privacy & want to discuss these issues with us in private and seek solutions then please be assured. In such cases, you can leave your query here we will give you a call. You can also visit to our office at 1585, C- Block, Bagrera Mode, Palam Vihar, GURGAON, India. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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