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The ancient sagacious pundits, astrologers came with the idea of graphical representation related to the planets of an individual at the time of his/her birth and it is called the Janampatri, Janam Kundli of that individual. It is primarily based on the birth details of that person and with the janampatri; a person’s astrological information can be recognized.

Kundali Represented Imperative Aspects It is said by the astrologers that in the kundli, there are some other imperative aspects, such as- lagna or the ascendant of a individual, Rasi or the zodiac sign as well as current position or the movement of the planets in his/her horoscope that have an impact on the life. These components principally influence the life a person all the way through his or her infant, teenage, adult and old age stages. According to Hindu Janam Kundali, there are seven planets that can be positioned at different places along with two of the shadowy planets. In the janampatri of a person, according to the Indian astrology, the nine astrological planets can be present there and for that reason, many other bhavas remain vacant. The way with which the planets represent one’s kundli by placed there mutually, the overall way of life of that particular person gets defined according to these planets positions.

Our Vedic Culture has promoted astrology that promotes the existence of the nine astrological planets in our life. These nine astrological planets and its movements overall define the way of everyone’s life according to the date, time, and place of birth of individual. The date, time, and place of birth of any person are required to know the exact way of life to be led all the way long. These denominations are required to prepare a Janampatri of the person which is made by a well knowledgeable Astrologer. The placements and movements of the nine astrological planets on the date, at the time and place of birth of any individual, decide the future which significantly holds a major aspect of life.

With our Vedic Culture, the prepared Kundli is used on for long life time at every moment of life, be it auspicious or devastating in life. At the time of any auspicious moment like marriage, the Kundli of the bride and groom is matched to view on their compatibility. Matching defines the assessment of the planetary position, combinations, and various other essential elements those influence the life status of both the persons. At such cases if the Horoscope chart is not available with either of the individuals or both then the astrologer prepares one after inquiring about the detail of birth date, time, and place.

Today even, according to the Indian Culture, the marriage ceremony is done in same caste and clan as marrying in other cast or clan could be inappropriate for the horoscope chart to get matched precisely. Even though, with the modernization, this superstitious belief has been minimized, and marriages are done after matching the Kundalis of both the bride and groom. This is because; the Kundali if prepared precisely with the real and exact date, time and place the deepest truth and fact of any individual would be reflected from the Kundali. The negative and positive aspects of life, strength and weakness of the person can be predicted precisely from the Kundali.

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