Janampatri may seem like a mere fragment of paper if you deem it unworthy. On the contrary, if you take it seriously then you have better chances of avoiding troubles and maintain cordial relations in our neighbourhood. Astrology is nothing but the study of the planets, Zodiac, asterisms, the rising stars, yogas, and dasas. A person’s Janampatri will describe all these along with their transits and effects of life. An astrologer sees all these which enable him/her to read and cast the horoscope. Though astrology is an ancient and old meta-science, nowadays there are modern ways through which a person can know about his/her future.

Earlier this ancient meta-science used as a tool for future prediction, but today there are many Janampatri software which will help you out to know about your future based on vedic astrology science. Astrology makes a forecast and helps people to know what their fortune has in store. Though the basic astrological essence remains unchanged, still different astrologers are practicing different branches of astrology. Taking consultation from an astrologer before marriage is commonly found for matching the Janampatrika of a boy and girl. Through this process, the astrologer will employ the Vedic system to utilize Kundali with Horoscope in which the planetary placement and several descriptions related to it will be given. Each point described in your Horoscope and Kundali has their ideal significance.

Traditional astrology says these all factors merged to produce total 36 matching facts, and if the matching score gets below 18, then the match would not be considered as a perfect match. Each astrologer in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR will, at first, see your birth chart present in your horoscope and Kundali, which will help them to see the position of starts at your birth time based on your place of your birth. This helps them to study the meaning of these positions and the relation, effects, and impacts of your daily lives.

A janampatri is the birth chart of an individual and is considered to be the ‘map of heavens’ at the birth time of the person.

This manuscript is crafted by implementing the planetary positions at the time of birth which has a dominant effect on the life of a person.

The next step in the formulation of a janampatri is the calculation of ascendant house and all other houses in the system.

After that, data related to planetary positions is filled in the birth chart.

You must be aware that the calculation of other charts and other manuscripts such as the DashaBhukti is also an integral aspect of your birth chart.

Understanding the Janampatri:

Online tools available nowadays are the quickest route to finding your birth chart. Free astrology courses can be trusted as viable sources to comprehend the charts.

However, a person needs to have an understanding of the janampatri and its functions for convenience.

The encoding of the language of planets is possible only through a janampatri.

This astrological document facilitates the information which can be used as a reference to assess the activities and behavior of a person.

Birth horoscope or the janampatri is a potent tool for the comprehensive understanding of the individual’s life and nature.

This detail is furbished only in a birth chart and can aid in dealing with people according to their fortes and setbacks respectively. Through this, the prospects of creating an amiable and healthy environment increase two-folds.

The birth chart prepares a probable basis for series of events in the future.

Though there is no exact proof or scientific algorithm to validate the predictions, we can rely on the calculations as per the positions of various planets and planetary transits.

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