As per the tradition of vedic India which has been followed by most of Hindus, the birth horoscope or the birth chart of an individual is known as Janampatrika of that particular person. In other traditional terms of Hindu culture, it is also considered as the map of heavens which refers towards a person’s life at the time of his/her birth. So, the planetary positions of a person at the time of birth have a huge influence on the future life of that person. The planets of a person are set in the form of coded language on the Janampatri which describes the individual life.

Janampatri: The Powerful Tool It is considered as the important factor by which anything which is going on or will happen in the life of a person can be measured by the pundits. So, the Hindus think of it as a powerful tool to measure the capacity and the level of expectations from the person. The only motive behind creating a Janampatri of an individual is to know about both the brighter as well as darker side and to develop a healthy society with greater betterment by comprehending the potential of that particular person and eradicating the flaws. In simple words, it helps the people to foretell what it is in the fate of a person in the future. Many of us must be aware of, what is a janampatri? The janampatri encompasses the whole life of an individual into a document. The process in which the birth chart of an individual is fabricated involves complicated procedures only known to the domain of astrology. The significance of the janampatri is considered in high esteem in modern India where tradition is placed above everything else. In this discussion, we shall emphasize the prominent facets of the birth chart and other elements of astrology which could help us in better comprehension of the subject under discussion.

Main Advantages Of Evaluation Of Your Janampatri Are Enlisted Below: 1. Planetary positions as depicted in the birth chart influence the behavior and lifestyle of a person. This factor can provide an essential understanding of the person’s personality. 2. Marriages and other similar ceremonies are conducted only after thorough analysis of the janampatri in order to establish a suitable time for the marriage rituals. 3. Society benefits a lot from birth charts as general behavior of every person can be explained by the planetary alignments and orders in the birth chart. This clips off any doubts surrounding the erratic behavior of a person as it can be explained as the resultant of change in planetary positions in your janampatri. Human civilizations all around the world have had distinct practices in different form of astrology. We Indians have adopted the basics of astrology in a comprehensive manner. Today we can deliver astute predictions in astrology owing to the concern placed over the traditional manuscripts and findings of astrology scholars. Apart from these, we have formulated many entities to help us in our astrological exploits such as the janam kundali and the janampatri.

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