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Choosing career is not a small decision. Every year, thousands of students come out of colleges But do they all are placed according to their education? No. I have seen many and even, you have seen in your locality that an engineer after MCA is working as Call Centre Executive in a Multi National Company or an M.Com graduate working on Business Development Executive Profile. This should be the duty of Parents to see the area of interest of their child or You need an expert like Astrologer Shandeleji who is Gold Medallist It is also advised that the parents should not impose their intents on their children. This is the harsh reality. Consider a case study below:

Mr Sharma wanted to be a doctor but somehow was not able to achieve the feat then Will this not be unfair If he wants that his child will be a doctor even If the child has interest in Computers; NOT in Biology. If Mr Sharma imposes his desires onto his child, he will not learn by heart and result into neither a doctor nor engineer but will be BSc Medical and then jobless.

This is not only Mr Sharma’s story. This is the story of every individual. Nowadays, when child passes 8th standard, parents have started consulting Astrologers for their career counselling. During counselling, the child undergoes some of the assignments on the basis of which his area of interest is decided. Choosing career is not a small decision.

In Astrology point of view, Planet Saturn plays a vital role in career and professional growth. This planet can make your fortune and can destroy your life if placed adversely. 10th House normally decides the professional life of a person. His Job and career can be analyzed in this house. If we go in the basics, 10th House through 4th house also specifies that How many hurdles will come to get the desired job. Various permutations & combinations are applied before predicting anything and these can’t be learnt from books. These come with great concentration & with lots of experience.

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