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Marriage: Such a sweet union of two individuals which is considered as set from Heaven. Everyone prays to nurture that relation and that their relation will not last in next seven births (Janam). His/ Her Partner must be loving, caring, kind and trust worthy. For Husband – Wife relation to sustain & carry in a sweet & better way, both partners need to understand the time & dignity of their relation. shandeleyji is intercast love marriage specialist in delhi who provides love problem solution and solutions for love breakup Why love problem- Most of the time, couple do not get the proper time & space to understand each other, It is a big love problem in a relationship. If it’s a joint family, may be because they never get space or if it’s a nuclear family then the speedy life to earn the bread and butter for family. This makes a small gap between their thinking. With daily disputes between husband and wife, this gap widens and starts disturbing the whole environment of family. After marriage dispute between husband & wife is very common as when two vessels will be in the same place, they will sound but when these disputes cross the limits of understanding, trust of relationship that time you need an expert like Astrologer Shandeleji who is Gold Medallist in love breakup solution and love problem solution, because when conflicts come in a relation, then Life becomes horrible for both. The time when husband-wife disputes cross arguments stage, we need to take love breakup solution expert advice who can guide, who can support and will help in taking wise step at that time.

Once these disputes start, usual phenomena is that Wife will discuss about the issue with her family & her close friends. On contrary, Husbands as solitary thinkers, will do close watch and will not discuss with anyone which result into lot of misunderstandings. A good love problem astrologer will understand both sides and will try to resolve it in a natural & convenient way. It is widely accepted that nakshatras & grahas are mainly responsible for any type of bonding and relation. Even since Vedic Time, the match-making by looking in the kundlies before marriage, was common practice and was usually checked that how many gunas are common between them Out of 32. For eg if there is a 20 yr old Manglik Girl and she is married to a person , who does not have the Manglik Dosh then there will be negative results on their relation and on their families as well. If any marriage is held without match-making or neglecting these Naadi Dosh, Mulas, Manglik Dosh etc, these marriages start with argument between the couple, then the Husband-Wife relations shatter and reach to Divorce.

If there are disputes in husband-wife relation and looking for a love problem solution, we strongly recommend to contact Mr N.K. Shandileye @ 9910195126 who is love problem specialist. He is vastly experienced, Gold Medalist Astrologer who will provide a solution of love problem which will be beneficial to save that relation. Panditji is a famous love breakup solution provider. If you want privacy & want to discuss love problem issues with us in private and seek solutions. You can also visit to our office at 1585, C- Block, Bagrera Mode, Palam Vihar, GURGAON, India. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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